Women are in charge of the fields in Mozambique. With sunrise, holding machetes, and often with a child on their back, they lead Mozambique's main economic activity. Pictured, "piamwenes", traditional female leaders at a meeting in Chicá.
"The only influence we have is with the maquea; the spirits listen to us. But that’s
all we do: we just put the maquea and then the Régulo stays; we have to leave.
People don’t transmit what we teach... They don’t even listen to us!"

Traiditional male leaders at a local meeting in Chicá.
"Associations reduce problems inside the community
and help finding solutions to problems. When people
work isolated, it’s hard to find any solution."

A woman covers her new house in a layer of clay in a practice exclusive to women in Mozambique.
"My husband? He can't do this! It's us [women] who protect the house."

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