I'm Miguel. I design processes and products to support peace workers around the globe.
Writing about peace
Peace is something we all must build together, yet we keep writing about it like it is something for a select group. Unfortunately, people working for peace deal with very complicated issues, and often keeping the language simple can be a very big challenge. I help peacebuilders keep their language simple and reach as many people as possible.
Mapping peace
I understand "mapping" as a process to find out who is doing what and where. Beyond that, I see mapping as an opportunity to find patterns and prevent violence. I've lead the development of mediatEUr's Peacelogs technology and continue developing new ways to map peace work.
Process design
Drawings and visual information are great tools to capture people’s attention and help them remember what you have to say. I use visual information and analysis to help peacebuilders design and communicate processes that make a change.
I also take photos
And I hope you'll like them.
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