I work with peacebuilders to help make the world safer and kinder. i specialise in peace mapping and documentary processes.
Mapping peace
I understand "mapping" as a process to find out who is doing what and where, detecting patterns and visualising the relationships between people in conflict. It sounds simple enough, but in 6 years of direct involvement in different peace processes I have found this to be one of the biggest challenges for peacebuilders around the world. I work with local communities to build sound research porjects, and with programmers, developers, and data scientists to build online tools that make the work easier.
Documenting peace
For more than 10 years I have been photographing daily life around me, trying to capture the heart of the peace processes and development efforts where I have been involved. I first began taking pictures at the age of 14; what begun as a hobby, quickly developed into a way of self-expression and a tool for my work. In October 2017 began a MA programme at the University of Arts of London in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism.
Communicating peace
The world of peace work is largely divided between those who work with local communities and those who work with political actors (the famous "tracks" of mediation and dialogue work). I believe more work needs to be done to blur this division. The first step: to make the language and the communications of peacebuilders clearer and accessible to all people affected by conflict. I help peacebuilders keep their language simple and reach as many people as possible using visual information and design.
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